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Ausum Law Firm –  Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis

Thank you for visiting AUSUM LAW FIRM, a full-service Twin-Cities, Minneapolis-St. Paul lawyer with a passion for helping people tell their side of the story in legal matters of criminal law, persona injury, products liability, and family law or any criminal activity you or your company is charged with. Almost everything else in life is secondary when you are dealing with a legal matter. Ausum Law Firm –  Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis. Contact Ausum Law Firm for your free consultation in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.We understand your stress. Our promise is simple: we will make sure that justice is done. Your justice.

Personal Injury Lawyer
A personal injury is the result of careless or intentional negligent actions of others like drivers, corporations, manufacturers, doctors and other healthcare providers. Once injured, you have a lot to worry about in addition to your pain and suffering. You worry about such things as lost wages and payment of medical bills. The law allows you to  be compensated for the loss brought about by your injury and in certain circumstances; you can be awarded punitive damages due to the bad acts of others. At AUSUM LAW FIRM, we are committed and dedicated to ensure a satisfactory resolution of your problem and we have the most committed and dedicated personal injury lawyer Minneapolis has to offer. Read more about us and how to contact us

Minnesota dui lawyer

In today’s media saturated world, having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side when facing a criminal charge can mean all the difference in clearing your name and keeping a clean record.  As a Minnesota dui lawyer we will fight for you. A criminal conviction can make it difficult for you to obtain the employment of your choice or get decent housing. All the system guarantees you is a fair process and trial. With 20 years of experience AUSUM LAW FIRM –  Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis, understands you and understands the State Laws. Whether you are facing a minor traffic ticket or a serious felony charge, you want an attorney who will fight for your rights to get the justice and protections guaranteed in the constitution of the state and nation. We have handled all types of criminal cases to resolution including obtaining acquittals for clients after a jury trial.

Family Lawyer

Your divorce will definitely end your marriage but if your marriage was blessed with a child or children, both parents will have to find ways to raise their children with the least amount of conflict possible. They will have to determine together or separately depending on who is awarded physical and legal custody where a child attends school, church or religious service and who and where a child will obtain healthcare services. A court will also have to make sure that there has been an equitable distribution of marital property and assets where necessary. Because of the heavy stress that people experience during a divorce, nobody can afford an added stress from their own lawyer. Family law in Minneapolis and Minnesota at large are complex, so let the attorneys at AUSUM LAW FIRM Ausum – Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis handle your case. We have handled many divorce cases and have also been successful at trial where both parties are unable to resolve their divorce short of a trial. We have served many clients with child support and child custody disputes.


Products Liability Lawyer Minnehaha Ave MN

product liability cases

Product Liability Law

We want to believe that the products we consume and use have been well tested. The sad unfortunate truth is that manufacturers and producers of some of things we consume sometimes market unsafe and dangerous products. The result of using a defective or unsafe product can lead to serious injuries and even death to the consumer.
A defective or unsafe product could be because of the way the product was designed, the way it was made or because of inadequate warnings about inherent in using the product. In cases like mesothelioma, seeking legal counsel from a specialized mesothelioma lawyer becomes crucial to navigate through the complexities of such cases.

Personal injury lawyer MN

Family Law Practice

AUSUM LAWFIRM is highly experienced in family law in Minneapolis MN. We have the knowledge with over 20 years of litigation experience to handle every aspect of your family law matter within the State of Minnesota.
Contact AUSUM LAW for a free evaluation of your case.

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Personal Injury Attorney Minneapolis

personal injury

Personal Injury Law

AUSUM LAW represents people who have been injured because of the negligence of others. As a client, AUSUM LAW believes your interests are of utmost importance. Whether your injuries are from an automobile accident or caused by a negligent medical practitioner, AUSUM LAW can help you get all the justice and compensation your injuries demand. Contact AUSUM LAW for a free evaluation of your case, your personal injury lawyer in Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis. In addition, personal injury lawyer SEO is a technique used by attorneys to raise their search engine ranking (SERP) and increase their visibility to prospective clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Minnehaha ave MN

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Law

A Felony is a crime for which a sentence of imprisonment for more than one year may be imposed. A Gross misdemeanor is a crime for which a maximum sentence of one year may be imposed as well as a maximum fine of $3000. A Misdemeanor is any crime for which a sentence of not more than 90 days or a fine of not more than $1000 or both may be imposed.The founder of AUSUM LAWFIRM has been a criminal defense attorney in Minneapolis since 1996. We are dedicated, determined and fearless when it comes to defending people facing minor criminal charges or felonies. We believe that there are at least two sides to every criminal charge. Justice demands that we tell your side of the story, not what is written in a police report. If you or anyone you know needs a criminal defense lawyer, please contact AUSUM LAWFIRM online or by calling 612-770-3967.


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