Who is telling the truth. Your defense lawyer or the prosecutor?

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Much like a great storyteller, a criminal defense lawyer is an expert at telling a truthful story in a number of different ways. In reality, a prosecutor and a defense attorney can both use the same foundation of factual events and come up with two completely different stories. You can think of this in the way that you would think of a map of the United States. In one map, you have the states depicted in their geographic areas with the state borders in dark lines. However, the other map instead shows the United States in a gradient scale of colors based upon the average income per population. Although both maps are true, they will probably look nothing alike. In the end, it is up to the criminal defense attorney and the defendant to come up with the best story possible for the defendant’s situation. The end story should have such characteristics as:

Being based in a truthful foundation of evidence. As an example, if the defendant’s car was being used as a getaway car, show that the defendant’s car was stolen from his person at gunpoint the very morning of the crime.
Having the ability to gain sympathy from the judge or the jury. For example, if possible, show that the defendant tried to withdraw from a crime before it was committed and even went as far as reporting the potential crime to the police in an attempt to prevent the crime from occurring.
Explaining and proving why the events that occurred in the defendant’s story were the actual events. For example, if the defendant claims to not have been at the crime scene when the crime occurred, the defendant’s story must show why the defendant was not there.
It is important for the criminal defense that the defendant’s story be accurate and have the essential elements, based in truth, that point towards the defendant’s goal. The defendant and his attorney should work carefully on this story before presenting it in court to make sure that no part of the story can be challenged by facts.

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