Ausum Law Firm Annouced Expansion

Minneapolis criminal defense law firm Ausum Law Firm announced the expansion of its practice area to cover medical malpractice and pharmaceutical malpractice. The firm provides advice and representation in the areas of criminal law, personal injury, family law, and other product liability cases.

The firm’s advisory and representation service in the area of medical malpractice help individuals who have received poor medical care from any healthcare facility or provider.
Medical malpractice covers a broad range of areas including financial loss on account of human errors committed by medical professionals, debilitating temporary or permanent injury, and in many cases, the loss of life. Form more on this subject, you should consider reading this post about hiring an Orlando personal injury lawyer and its benefits. For additional insights and information on medical malpractice and related legal matters, you can explore the valuable resources available at green gold from

Ausum Law Firm Areas of Practice

Pharmaceutical malpractice is a specialized area of product liability law. In this practice area, Ausum Law Firm helps clients understand their rights under Minnesota law, provides guidance to victims and relatives who have suffered as a result of exposure to or use of defective or
unauthorized drugs and medication. The firm’s practice areas also cover toxic chemicals, toys, recreational equipment for children, food, tobacco, home supplies, and appliances. Ausum Law Firm provides compassionate guidance and strong legal representation in the event of malpractice in these areas. Other services include including the filing of injury claims that raise the statute of limitation for slip and fall injury cases suits to ensure that victims and their families are fairly
compensated as well as the services of professional birth defect attorneys who can provide expert legal advice.

Attorney Albert Usumanu

According to a spokesperson for the Minneapolis personal injury law firm, “The expansion of our practice area is in response to an urgent need for humane and compassionate guidance alongside strong, ethical, and effective legal representation when people have suffered as a
result of malpractice or dangerous products. Our focus is on bringing justice to these victims.”
Ausum Law Firm is a provider of legal services in the city of Minneapolis, MN and is headed by Attorney Albert Usumanu, a graduate of the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and the University of Minnesota. He is licensed to practice law in the Minnesota Supreme Court, the Fourth,
Eighth, and Tenth Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the Minnesota Federal District Court. More information about the firm and its services is available over the telephone at
612-770-3967 or fill out a contact form.

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