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Best tips for finding a Criminal Defense lawyer

Tips for finding the best criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota Do you require a legal advise? In the event that you are confronting a criminal accusation, regardless of how irrelevant you trust it might be, you ought to dependably look for lawful counsel. Looking for...

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Should your Criminal Defense Lawyer coach you?

Preparing a witness for trial in any Minnesota courtroom. During deposition is very necessary to prepare our clients for the courtroom. Albert Usumanu understands Minnesota legal ethics. After a defendant recounts his or her story to their criminal defense lawyer,...

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How to strategize a criminal defense

Criminal Defense Strategy is vital Ausum Law Firm will work with you to plan out a clear strategy before going to court. Albert Usumanu has over 20 years of knowledge in the Minnesota legal system and he will work to make sure your justice is served. After the...

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3 Categories of the defendant’s narative

It is almost impossible for two defendants to come up with the exact same version of the events that took place during the crime. Generally speaking, a defendant's story will fall into one of three categories: A "confession" story. This is where a...

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Who is telling the truth?

Who is telling the truth. Your defense lawyer or the prosecutor? Our  promise at Ausum Law Firm is simple: we will make sure that justice is done. Your justice. Much like a great storyteller, a criminal defense lawyer is an expert at telling a truthful story in a...

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Minnesota legal expert criminal defense strategies.

What is the best strategy to defend your criminal case? Let the experts at Ausum Law Firm help you plan out the best strategy to win your case. In general, a criminal defense strategy for your criminal prosecution will emerge as your criminal defense attorney finds...

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Minnesota legal expert tips

Should you ask questions before retaining a lawyers? If the answer to this is yes, then what questions should you ask? Let the MN legal experts of Ausum Law Firm help you in interviewing your potential lawyer. Once you have narrowed your choice of attorneys to two to...

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How to find the right criminal defense lawyer in MN

If you are charged with any crime, whether it is a traffic violation, misdemeanor, or felony, you should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight to get the charges dismissed or reduced. This can be challenging if you do not know any criminal defense...

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MN Law Firm Releases new Service – criminal defense law.

MN Law Firm Releases new Service - criminal defense law. Ausum Law Firm today announced the official launch  of its upcoming Criminal Defense Law services. We are please to announce the release our new Service in criminal defense law service. Ausum Law Firm has also...

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