MN Law Firm Releases new Service – criminal defense law.

Ausum Law Firm today announced the official launch  of its upcoming Criminal Defense
Law services. We are please to announce the release our new Service in criminal defense law service. Ausum Law Firm has also released three things clients can expect from us in 2018.

The first thing folks should expect is a big improvement in lawyer, client relationship. There are many criminal offensescommitted by people, the right criminal defense lawyer can save you from spending time in jail.
Albert Usumanu of Ausum Law Firm will offer you quality service with one on one attention. A
client should expect a big improvement in the lawyer-client relationship. Albert Usumanu of Ausum Law Firm is an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who is knowledgeable in Minneapolis criminal law and brings his many years of defending clients in criminal cases.. This is to be expected from a
law firm who places  much value on our promise which is simple; “we will make sure that justice
is done. Your justice”. Albert Usumanu and Ausum Law Firm puts a huge amount of value on
the individual..

 Free Consultation.

Ausum Law Firm will celebrate this launch by giving you a free consultation for your case.. It is
their hope that the Minneapolis population will find in us an affordable law firm that will
listen to them and stand with them in court. It is the hope of Ausum Law Firm that justice is
It has taken Albert Usumanu of Ausum Law Firm over 20 years to hone in his skills in criminal defense law.
Ausum Law Firm recently launched new services in Medical Mal practice

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